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Report: Family Relations (Vienna, 11-12 April 2018)

EuroPris organised a 1,5 day workshop on 11-12 April 2018 in Vienna, Austria on Family Relations. The workshop was kindly hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Constitution, Reform, Regulation and Justice.

Having a parent / family member in prison can have a significant impact on the lives of partners, children and siblings. From the moment of their parent’s arrest, and throughout the sentencing and execution of the sentence, especially children are affected. After two years of fruitful exchange and the publication of a comprehensive Good Practice Collection, the EuroPris Family Relations expert group presented their work at the workshop. The expert group discussed the following main topics:
Next to that the workshop practices were shared from among others Italy and Wales, presented the Council of Europe recommendation on children with imprisoned parents, family strategies developed in Scotland and Ireland. Children of Prisoners Europe (COPE) has been a member of the EuroPris expert group and they were also involved in the discussions and presented their latest work.
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